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Ready to make a move? Have a certain figure in mind that you need to sell your house for? In the current Lubbock real estate market you might be able to get a little more than than that figure. As we learned in  middle school, supply and demand are key - being at the top of the pack is essential. It is an amazing time to sell in high-demand price ranges to move up in house size or amenities.

Here are a few things to consider to help get your sales price over asking:


When there isn't much interest in a property, buyer's get nervous and suspicious that there may be something wrong with the home that they may be missing. You want to price your home competitively to entice more showings. When you price your home right under the market standard, it leads to more showings, more appointments, and more excitement around your home. 


You want to make sure your price gets buyers interested in your property. Even if they end up paying more than asking, the excitement from feeling like they are getting a  deal and landing their new home sets the right mood for buyers to WANT your property. Always price the home in a way that is going to appeal to a large audience. Pricing a home at $399.00 can generally generate more foot traffic than one listed at $400.00. Advertising a home for sale that is listed for slightly under the market value can garner a lot of interest, which can lead to the home selling for more than what you, the seller originally wanted. 


Make sure you work with an agent that has the ability to create an up a coming soon buzz around your home. You want to let the market know that your home is going to be coming soon. This gives time for word about your home to spread to get more foot traffic and competition on your house. 


It's without question that to get over market value for your home, it must be in tip-top condition. When we prepare to list we will discuss the importance of having  your home professionally cleaned and staged to attract more buyers. Starting up a buzz won't lead to much if buyers walk into your home and turned off by orders, unappealing lighting, or rooms that are not used to their potential. You want to allow buyers an opportunity to see your home in the best light the first time they walk through your door.

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Preparation is key to getting the most for your home, and taking steps before your home hits the market can help get there faster! After these four steps we can discuss a few additional strategies for creating the deadline and sweetening the deal. The more buzz the more potential buyers, which means a potential opportunity for a bidding war to get the best sales price. 

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