How To Care For Holiday Houseplants

Dated: December 16 2019

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How to Care for Holiday Houseplants — Ladies of Real Estate Blogs
How to Care for Holiday Houseplants

How to Care for Holiday Houseplants

If you were to ask anyone in my family about my weird competitive streak I have towards things like who makes the best spaghetti ( of course me), prettiest gingerbread house (guilty) and of course who makes the best apple pie (really do I have to say it!)...Wait my Aunt Mary Nell Beats me out on the pie competition any day.  For this years quirky competition I have thought about getting everyone an poinsettia and see who can keep it alive the longest.  It won't be rigged of course ;).  

Christmas is a hella stressful , but your houseplants shouldn’t contribute to that. Here is a quick guide about what your houseplants want this holiday season!

Your Plant’s Holiday Wish-list


Light alone isn’t enough - your plants want and need natural light so it is key to make sure they get bright, indirect sunlight. If you’re wondering what indirect sunlight will look like, it will be bright enough to be able to read indoors without needing to squint from the brightness. Your plant should have a blurry shadow - this is a great indicator that it is getting enough indirect sunlight.


The top plant killer is over watering. Considering their vulnerability because of the cold, it is very important to water your plant based on their needs. To keep from overwatering, wait for the top inch of the potting mix to be dry. When you water the plant, be sure to water the potting mix until it is moist from top to bottom and avoid watering the leaves themselves.


The first step to proper drainage is transferring your plant into a real flowerpot from the cellophane wrapped plastic pot it is usually purchased in. Make sure you have a saucer to place under your flowerpot’s drainage hole to prevent any furniture stains.

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