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Dated: January 15 2020

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Lubbock or surrounding area Tax Exemptions? 

You may have one. Some of you may not know there were tax exemptions available for you as homeowners. Maybe you knew there was a way to get a tax exemption but are wondering “How do I get a Homestead Exemption for my taxes?” At www.WeSellLubbock.com we’ve got your back. 

I Want My Tax Exemption! 

So you want to find out what’s available to reduce the amount the government taxes on your home? The good news is that it is 100% free for you to file for these exemptions. Many of you start off with the ability to reduce the taxable value of your home by $25,000. Some of you may have more!Here is what we know about here in Texas.

  • Homestead Exemption 

  • Disabled Individual Exemption 

  • Agricultural Land Exemption 

  • Disabled Veteran Exemption 

  • Over 65 Exemption 

Additionally, a Texas Homestead Exemption protects the entire value of your home against bankruptcy and creditors. This means your home cannot be seized to satisfy creditor claims, but it doesn’t mean it’s completely immune to unique circumstances. See Chapter 41 in the Texas Property Code for more information on homestead exemptions, and consult your real estate attorney with any concerns.

If you just purchased a home, the Title Company likely already told you all about these things. But if they didn’t, don’t worry, we are telling you now.Click HERE to access the Residential Homestead Exemption PDF form. Below is the contact info for the Lubbock central appraisal districts (CAD). If not in Lubbock, you’ll want to contact yours and ask about how to file for your exemptions. Some will even let you fill out an online form, others will have you fill out a paper form. Don’t wait; your Homestead Exemption needs to be filed by April 30th. This is something you can get done today! 

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